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In certain Eastern traditions, Puja is a ritual that bathes an idol, showing it total devotion, appreciation and love. The love and devotion we show to ourselves through our own daily ritual of bathing connects us to our divine being. Just as we create a pure and pleasant environment that respects the idol we bathe during Puja, so too can we create the environment that reflects the respect we show ourselves.

Dinesh Shah from Clear Heating on Bathrooms

When Dinesh established himself as a property maintainer, he found that he was able to rectify bathroom jobs done by others in the trade who had shown less commitment. Leaky showers and poor plumbing were soon fixed and clients needed to make no further callouts.

Now, Dinesh works with clients to design the installation of entire bathrooms, covering baths, showers, shower enclosures, toilets, vanity units, floors and tiling.

Some of the products Dinesh likes to install in the bathroom are Mira and Aqualisa showers, and recommends you check out Hawk Heating Supplies to purchase your entire bathroom suite. Dinesh is an installer and servicing agent for Aqualisa Showers.

Refresh Yourself with a Power Shower

Unvented hot water cylinders give you the type of pressure for your showers which elimantes the installation of pumps. Dinesh is qualified to install unvented hot water cylinders so that you can feel the freshness of that power shower in the morning or after a hard day at work.